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We’ve moved!            

Posted 5/9/2013

What’s new at the Shop!

The new location is open! Come check in out at 7507 Hwy 72 W (the former Driving2000 dealership) across the street from the new Academy Sports building. We have some great specials all through the month of May, so don’t miss out!

We had a little too much fun with the moving video…



         ***Thanks to our graphics guys for the sign mock-ups!***

Now Proudly Offering Audison/Hertz Audio Products!

Posted 3/1/2013

This has quickly become one of our favorite new products! The Audison bit Ten. The bit Ten is a multi-function digital processor that connects to your OEM or after-market system and converts it into an audiophile’s dream! By converting the analog signal into digital, bit Ten automatically reconstructs a digital full-bandwidth stereo signal; de-equalizes the OEM preset frequency responses of the factory amplifier (Infinity/Bose/Logic7/etc.) and, if necessary, reconstructs the central and subwoofer channels. What does all that mean? It means if you have a factory audio system that is not removable, you can still have amazing sound through added amplifiers and speakers! Visit Audison’s website or give us a call for more details!  Audison/Hertz Website